Susan Comfort


Who Dat: Trainer, Consultant, Burnout foe, Laughter fan. Susan's 25 years of full-time organizing and fundraising brought stress; 20 years of yoga dialed it back. 

Fave school: UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) 

Fave dancing: Salsa, 5 Rhythms

Fave job: Green Corps organizer

Fave celebration: Annual summer solstice party

Fave mental health boost: Learning BTS & Twice dances via YouTube

Fave exercise: Handstands

Fave city: Baltimore (hometown)

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Tyecia Powell


Who Dat: Baltimore native, 15-years in education, pursuing Doctorate in Education, passionate about wellness for school leaders

Fave veggie:  broccoli

Find Ty: Leading Hot Pilates class @ Bikram Yoga Works Riverdale Park

Fave dog: Bruce (don't tell the other 3)

Fave new hobby:  feeding babies

Fave mental health boost:  yoga class -- these practices heal my mind and my body

Fave way help people face limits: squats, planks

Fave quote: "Waves Will Come. Ride Them"

Gabby Lubin


Who Dat: Fitness professional, former Early Childhood Educator, empowered woman empowering others. 

Fave veggie: Asparagus

Fave work job: supporting others, children or adults, in their physical and mental growth

Fave school: Bowdoin College -- I love Maine!

Fave new hobby: Reading for my book club

Fave exercise: Spin (CycleBar NoMa) & HIIT (Sweat DC) 

Fave mental health boost: exercise, music, walks

Fave foods: plantains & smoothies  (not together)

Follow @gabbyl_fitness (IG) or check out her  "Fitness Influencer" new year's goals in Jan 2020 Washingtonian mag

Rachel Rosner, MPA

Rachel Rosner

Who Dat: Social justice researcher, evaluator, learner, facilitator, manager of projects big and small.  

Favorite exercise: biking, swimming, running, hiking, playing catch. 

Favorite way to dance: 

Salsa, when cooking in the kitchen

Favorite mental health boost: 

7 minute daily yoga practice. Or stepping outside to take an air bath.

Favorite school: University of California Santa Cruz - worked there for a dozen years at the Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community.

Favorite job: United Farm Workers; got my community organizing roots.

Claudia Arango


Who Dat: Foodie, yoga teacher, fundraiser, Colombiana, traveler. (Claudia & Susan built EWG's email list together.) 

Favorite exercising: Power Yoga, sweat

Favorite dancing: Merengue, vallenato

Fave school: Rochester School (high school); I loved its focus on the arts.

Favorite job: Teaching yoga

Fave vegetable: Mushrooms on EVERYTHING

Fave snack: Pressed juice (w/ charcoal)

Fave family roles: Twin sis & Tia.  

Follow her @clauxxarango (IG)

Caroline Philson, JD


Who Dat: Environmental attorney, proud Tar Heel, long-distance runner, veteran vegetarian

Favorite snack: Old school carrots 

Favorite dancing: Vigorously, in my living room, with my 5yo, to Michael Jackson. 

Favorite job: I'm a board member of a not-for-profit, Just Bakery, staffed entirely by refugees. Humbling stories meets indefatigable work ethic meets immigrant pluck meets dark chocolate with sea salt cookies. 

Favorite new habit: My office has a treadmill desk, perfect for opening email and returning calls, and makes every webinar a bit better.

Favorite mental health break: A call with one of my fantastic friends -- nurturing relationships and creating community always comes back, multiplied exponentially. 

Candy Geise, MPH


Who Dat: She applied her Masters in Public Health to corporate wellness programs, later specializing in mental health and serving on community boards. Candy also played (and ref'd) field hockey.

Favorite exercising: Walks, hikes, dancing

Favorite dancing: Free styling to rock-n-roll 

Favorite vegetable: Any vegetable roasted

Fave school: UNC-Chapel Hill....not an alum but always dreaming of it 

Favorite job: Occupational health and safety

Favorite healthy snack: Popcorn

Favorite mental health boost: Planting annuals, good comedy

Favorite family role: Grandma (see above)

Manpreet, MFA


Who Dat: Graphic designer, Social media whiz, strong / proud Indian woman, Wellness advocate with BFA and MFA. Lives in Sydney, Australia.

Favourite family roles: Wife, Daughter, Household leader

Favourite Dancing: Bhangra, Free style rock and roll

Favourite Drink: Soy Latte, Lassi, Fresh Juices

Favourite Veggies: Lettuce 

Fave mental health boost: Running, motivational podcasts, cooking 

Favourite new habit: Waking up at 5am and going to the gym 

Favourite Hobby: Traveling (Mountains), Doodling  

Mauri Ziff, PhD


 Who Dat: Evaluation wizard, Public health researcher, Organizational change agent. Mauri & Susan wrote grants and longitudinal surveys for trainings and student organizing 20 years ago @EnviroCitizen.

Fave veggie: Roasted cauliflower

Fave work job: UC Center for AIDS Prevention Studies

2nd fave job: Amusement park, dressed as pioneer, made funnel cakes

Fave family jobs: Dog ma, Twin ma

Fave hockey team: Pittsburgh (it causes family strife)

Fave mental health boost: "My Favorite Murder" podcast

Fave hobby: Background actor on TV shows (eg. Homeland

don't rely on self-care. rev up team-care.

It's not enough to support self-care. Especially when we're not good at it (read about our "tough it out" culture here). But we can use wellness as a tool for teams to build trust and take care of each other. 

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