Jan & Feb webinars


Jan 7 & Feb 4: New Year Recharge: Team Care via Self Care in 2020

You are a Tree and your Team is a Forest; cultivation matters. Explore your "roots" of Team- and Self-Care.

Jan 14: New Year Goals: Rewire Your Team's Positivity (w/ Gabby)

Habit change and the power of  rewiring your negative brain with mindfulness, spirituality, and gratitude

Jan 21: "Take Five" The Best 5-Min Brain Breaks (w/ Ty)

Your brain needs short boosts; this talk gives 3 potent recommendations for restorative and joyous breaks.

Jan 28 & Feb 25: Office Systems for Stress Solutions

Get the latest science on the central nervous system, and seven social solutions for stress management. 

Feb 11 Wellness Equity & the Stressor Scorecard

Some people face more stress before work than at work, related to identity or circumstance. Discuss.

Feb 18 Teacher Winter Break Training (w/ Gabby & Ty)

Calling all educators! Join Gabby and Tyecia for a Teacher-focused Wellness Training

schools can prioritize wellness

 DCʼs teacher turnover is highest in  U.S. at 25% (natʼl average is 16%) so we must adapt new strategies and teach team-care solutions. 

Nonprofit Wellness trainings and tools, which are customized for adults in schools, are helpful in stress management and retention.

Stronger relationships, better systems and skills are needed to fix public schools' notorious teacher burnout problem (including mid-year departures). 

Join us in using WEllness (emphasis on "WE") as a tool to build culture at schools.  

Below, download our flyer on working with schools, our Team-Care Toolkit Contents and an issue brief on Teacher Stress & Health. 

Teacher_flyer (1) (pdf)


Toolkit_final (pdf)


Teacher Well-being research (1) (pdf)


Nonprofits & Schools: APPLY FOR A 2020 TRAINING

Please answer: 1) Why should we train at your school or nonprofit? 2) Would this training be online or in the DC area? 3) Do you have a wellness committee yet? 4) How many staff/participants do you have? 5) What week in January or February 2020 would you prefer?

Team Care not Self Care


Washington, DC, USA

We are grateful to our generous Pilot supporters, who donated products & services to the 1st phase:

Headspace Meditation * Still Point Spa * Capital Bikeshare * Bikram Yoga Works * Willow Street Yoga * Under Armour * Balance Gym * VIDA Fitness * Mind the Mat * SoulEx Float Spa * Vortex cycling * Yoga Heights DC * Bluebird Sky Yoga * YogaWorks * M Street Yoga * Joy Of Motion * EnableU Coaching * Rahim Spence Coaching  * Patagonia * The Six O'Clock Scramble * Mindful Schools * Crunch/Sport & Health * Flywheel * Neighborhood Trust * Quartz Queen Yoga * Shaw Yoga * SOLDIERFIT Silver Spring * FoodConfidence.com *  Blue Heron Wellness * Five Rhythms * JRINK * Jen Szymanski Nutrition* Leslie Zucker Coaching * Andy Proctor Financial Coaching * Natalie Miller Coaching * Urban Artistry * Sandy Spring Adventure Park * Orange Theory Fitness (Tenleytown & Silver Spring) * Takoma Bicycle * Imagination Stage * Woolly Mammoth * Gala Theatre * Sou Family Recipes * Kathy Carroll * Claudia Arango * Vicky Bonasera * Carol Mermey * Carol Collins * Kate Miller * Contradiction Dance * Walk the Middle Way * Art of Potential * Joe's Movement Emporium

wellness Requests from pilot Application (2018)


Mental Health Choices

51  Mindfulness or Meditation Support

48  Financial health (coaching, training, investment advice) 

45  Workplace team health (assessing learning styles, healthier team events, group-building)

43  Right brain therapy (tickets for visual arts, theatre, musical events)

40  Counseling/therapy (relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, eating, substance abuse)

33 Spiritual retreat or self-awareness workshop

6   Self-medication: What you need to know about alcohol, marijuana, caffeine, vaping & vitamins

Most Popular Physical Health Choices

41  Nutrition counseling

39  Ergonomics at work (standing desks, typing well, reflexology

37  Studio fitness classes (Spinning, Barre, Pilates)

36  Yoga classes

36  Fitness/Health Coaching (interpersonal and online memberships)

32 Gym membership (including CrossFit, boxing, swimming)

Other Physical Health Choices

24  Dance or Martial Arts classes,

9  Running: new gear (shoes, bra)

8  Cycling: new gear (such as helmet, lights, bike, lock)

6  Sports team or program (equipment, coaching or race registration fees)

Most Popular Team Activities requested @ office

54  Mindfulness class (with guided meditation)

48  Walking tour, ropes course, hike (or other physical, team-building activities)

48  Tasting party: vegetable/fruit/protein juices

42  Financial health (retirement, savings, tax return basics)

40  Healthy cooking demonstration or nutrition class

34  Yoga class 

Other Team Activities requested for office

31  "Take Five: Why 5-minute Breaks Bring Productivity & Joy" (lunchtime workshop)

30  Workout class (physical trainer)

28  Community (feet-and-hands-only) Acupuncture / Acupressure Session

25  I would attend a (free) Meetup for nonprofit workers at a local gym/studio

19  Gardening How-To workshops (working in nature bolsters mental health)