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Thanks y'all: crowd-sourced well stuff

Physical Health

Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are critical for every body. For nonprofit workers, physical health is the cornerstone of effectiveness at work (and therefore impact on the world). We support moving, feeding and resting your body.

Mental Health

Nonprofit workers are unusually stressed about problems of the world, plus we have problems of our own. Depression, financial woes, addiction and workaholism plague our sector -- so let's pay more attention to our mental health. 

Team Health

We're often communicating poorly and fighting for resources at work. Sometimes we're even experiencing racial divisions, sexual harassment or other toxic cultures. Even the best teams need to constantly invest in building trust, improving communication, developing staff, and exploring equity issues.

Motivation: Books/Pods/TEDs

Lots of folks sent in motivational books, podcasts, talks and links, check them out! We all need inspiration, distraction, laughter, thoughtful engagement and community in these trying times. 

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